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Welcome To Charlie Good Great Danes

We are a leading Great Dane Breeder offering quality bloodlines of Giants from 2010

Why Choose Us?

We are like no other boarding kennels you have visited before, all of the dogs in our care are let out to play and interact with us at least 6 times a day. Our last let out being 21.30 Hrs. Where our devoted team lets them out while making sure their kennels are clean, their water is still fresh and cocktail sausages are left on their beds! Our team oversees them snuggling down, while listening to softly piped music and feeling the warmth of the underfloor heating.

Considering Buying a Great Dane Puppy?

Incredible Danes are, conceivably, the best pets on the planet. Their delicate disposition and agreeable characters settle on them the ideal decision for family pets.

Incredible Danes aren't simply hounds. They are high-upkeep youngsters that ought not be disregarded for significant stretches of time. Every little thing about them is more costly than some other pooch. Nourishment, vet charges, prepping, boarding, every last bit of it.

It might appear as though I am convincing you not to get a Dane and perhaps I am. I simply need to everybody to see totally what it resembles to take on a Great Dane. It isn't to be messed with. I never need to perceive any of my Danes end up in the pound since somebody didn't comprehend what it intended to have such a huge, high upkeep, destitute pooch. In the event that they are undeveloped they can be risky. On the off chance that they are disregarded excessively long, they become dangerous (as in, they will eat an entire lounge chair), in the event that they are not taken care of accurately, they can have deep rooted issues or bite the dust. Truly, they are astounding however they dislike getting a goldfish.

A Great Dane ought to be cuddly, kind of quiet, somewhat more astute than current levels and have tolerable nimbleness. We additionally accept a Great Dane ought to be a monster yet lean and not barrel-chested.

We need our Great Danes to have mastiff highlights with a somewhat less fatty dog life systems. They should be sluggish habitually lazy people yet in addition ready to run at great speed and be spry for brief periods without trouble.

We invest wholeheartedly in the consideration we offer every one of our doggies, regardless of how little, how enormous, how crotchety or how tentative they are, we set aside the effort to become more acquainted with their individual characters while they are under the care of us.